The Novelty Curve

This is definitely applying to two of my best friends.


3 commentaires sur “The Novelty Curve

  1. I think this curve is normal. If it does not apply to you, you should ask yourself some question. Why? Because the world is changing, you are changing… Everything has a beginning and an end… (like -snif)

    But the problem is (as an engineer, you surely have noticed the problem): this graph does not have units. In other words, how fast are you going from « this looks interesting » to « I’ve moved on. »? One month? One year? Or one day? This depends on your personality, but probably not only.

    And quite frankly, there are things for which it’s ok to just try it and throw away. It’s what happened for me with Facebook, for example (3 months). But Twitter is keeping my attention, because it is (seems?) smarter and deeper (I don’t feel I used it up yet).

  2. Indeed, the curve is normal.

    It just happens that some of my friends follows it like a rollercoaster 😉

    The phase 3 « I’m telling all my friends » shows that the curve is more oriented to « Early Adopters » who then spread the word.

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