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Patrice Roulive is the co-Founder & SVP Sales & Marketing of Telemis, a Medical Imaging company with a mission to extend human life.

Telemis currently has 80 employees and is active in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Patrice started at Telemis as VP of R&D. He then moved to France to manage the local acquired company and develop it into a major player in the French Healthcare market.

Returning to Belgium, Patrice became COO of Telemis, being responsible for Sales, Services and R&D operations in all countries and now concentrates its efforts on Sales & Marketing.

Patrice also acts as a Business Angel in Healthcare IT Startups (DNALytics, Medelse)

He’s the founder of the Passionate People community and regularly mentors entrepreneurs through Microsoft Boostcamp, Westartup, Mind&Market, Founder InstituteNest’up, CoEntrepreneurs Weekend events.

Patrice was presenting at TEDx Louvain la Neuve, on the topic of David vs Goliath, small companies vs. giants.

Patrice is also passionate about movies.


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3 commentaires sur “A propos du R Blog

  1. Patrice, super blog, bravo. Je le lis régulièrement. Bon, je suis pas trop cinéma alors je passe les considérations cinématographiques mais pour le reste ca me convient parfaitement. Je t’envoie des visiteurs via mon site.

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