I'm a movie producer :-)


This morning, I became a movie Assistant Producer.  The film is called FREE FOR ALL…BUT YOU! and will be direted by Casey Walker. the film is best known as the « My Million Dollar Movie » experiment.

« Raising money to fund an indie film has become an incredibly difficult process in Canada. I decided that rather than going about doing this the conventional way, I wanted to create a new business model leveraging the Internet to raise capital to fund the film, » said Walker.

Mymilliondollarmovie.com offers investors the opportunity to purchase film frames for $10 a piece In exchange investors receive a screen credit as ‘Assistant Producer’ and are paid out on their investment upon completion of the film’s distribution.

This morning, I bought one frame for 10 CAD (canadian dollars) – approx. 7,5 EUR. Not that much, but I really wanted to support this movie entrepreneur. Feel free to invest as well … it’s fun, quick, easy, and nowadays it might perform better than the stock market 😉



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