Roulive's family at the Zoo

Ok, ok, this won’t sound interesting for all my dear readers. But, anyway, you’ll find hereunder a short edited movie about our day at the Toulouse Zoo (Plaisance de Touch to be more specific). It’s the first time I use my new editing workflow: Canon HV30 + Mac Pro + Final Cut Pro.

I’m quite happy about the tools I have now, even I have some pro’s & con’s.

– Canon HV30’s HDV rushes looks incredible.
– HDV Acquisition was quick & easy to set up.
– HDV editing is fast & easy on the Mac Pro
– Final Cut Pro looks a lot like Adobe Premiere. I still have a lot to learn (98% at least)

– Canon HV30 tends to over-expose (probably some fine tuning to do)
– Movie export for the Web (or else) is still not so user-friendly. I had a lot of trouble with the resizing of the HDV resolution, the compression ratio and I still have problem with some coded (audio or video) compatibility when sending the files to different computers.

You can either watch the video in (very) low quality on YouTube, but you’d better watch the Quicktime movie here.


3 commentaires sur “Roulive's family at the Zoo

  1. La qualité du .mov est impressionnante, j’ai hâte de voir la plate-forme de montage en action 🙂

  2. Pas mal pour une première!
    Mention spéciale aux jeunes acteurs (trices). Débuts prometteurs!
    A quand le long métrage? 🙂

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