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Modut is a tiny modular phone that can be slipped into different device “jackets”—like an MP3 player, a GPS device, a bigger cell phone, car stereo, or a digital camera. You can think of Modu as an expanded SIM card. It can make a call, send text messages, and hold a contact list—the bare minimum required to be a mobile phone. That is why it is so small—about the size of an iPod Nano. Consumers will be able to carry it around and stick it into different device jackets, depending on the functionality they want. In a camera, for instance, Modu can be used to send pictures over the wireless network. The jacket devices should cost less than comparable gadgets with telephony functionality, and the idea is to create an accessory mini-economy around the Modu, so that any device manufacturer could create whatever jackets they like. Modu is the platform, and other companies can build devices around it.

Surprenante idée …


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