Christmas gifts? (update January 2008)

Refering to this December 2007 post.

Canon HV20. Seems to be the best affordable HD camcorder for the moment ( around 900  800 EUR and Canon HV30 at 1000 EUR)
MacPro with 2 Dual Core, 4GB to 8GB of RAM, > 2TB disks, Final Cue or Adobe Premiere. Around 5000 EUR (without monitors). This is definitely not affordable at all. And for the price, it doesn’t have a BlueRay writer.
– A second 24′ HD monitor or even better … you know 30′. Here comes the pain (around 1800 EUR)
– A nice HD TV, as for example: Sony KDL-46W3000. Around 2500 EUR. Doh!
– Playstation3: which is optional of course, but if you got a HD TV, you really need an HD player, don’t you? (around 400 EUR). GOT IT. 

Total HD Editing combo: Around 11.000 EUR (Aaaargh).

But as I already have many project for 2008 including: finish my work here in France, starting my new job around innovation, moving family back from France to Belgium, buy (and upgrade) a house (doh!), I will probably have to put HD Video Editing for 2009. And maybe for 2010

Anyway, you can always post a nice « I like The R Blog » comment. Nice Christmas gift too.


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