52 minutes sur Google et un peu plus …

via Loïc Le Meur, un reportage intéressant (bien que très général) sur Google.

Du coup j’ai « googlé » Marissa Mayer et je suis tombé sur deux points intéressants

1. Marissa Mayer’s 9 Notions of Innovation dont:

Ideas come from everywhere
Share everything you can: Every idea, every project, every deadline — it’s all accessible to everyone on the intranet
You’re brilliant, we’re hiring, ce qui fait penser au First Who, then What
A license to pursue dreams: Employees get a « free » day a week. Half of new launches come from this « 20% time »
Innovation, not instant perfection: Google launches early and often in small beta tests, before releasing new features widely
Don’t politic, use data: Mayer discourages the use of « I like » in meetings, pushing staffers to use metrics
Creativity loves restraint: Give people a vision, rules about how to get there, and deadlines
Worry about usage and users, not money: Provide something simple to use and easy to love. The money will follow.
Don’t kill projects — morph them: There’s always a kernel of something good that can be salvaged

2. Marrisa Mayer’s day @ work …
si vous vous dites (comme moi) : ohoh, debout à 8h du mat, faignasse … attendez de lire jusqu’au bout 😉

Marissa Mayer VP, Search Products & User Experience

8:00 a.m. Wake-up, get ready for work 9:00 a.m. Arrive at work, take conference call about a new technology

10:00 a.m. Meeting with Udi Manber, VP of engineering to discuss search, engineering staffing, etc.

10:30 a.m. Meet with Associate Product Managers to brief and prepare for upcoming international business trip

12:00 noon Product review with Larry and Sergey; review product direction and strategy and potential future collaborations

1:00 p.m. UI (User Interface) review to review/approve user interface designs/changes for multiple products

3:00 p.m. Meet with a new member of my team to welcome him and discuss career goals/trajectory

3:30 p.m. Meeting with Google Video product manager

4:00 p.m. Google Product Strategy meeting with Eric, Larry, Sergey, and other executives to go over weekly site traffic and a few special topics

5:00 p.m. Executive strategy meeting on Google China

6:00 p.m. Office Hours

8:30 p.m. Catch up on the day’s e-mail

11:15 p.m. Visit to the Google Gym to run

12:00 p.m. Go home

12:30 a.m. Watch TV, do e-mail

3:00 a.m. Go to bed


3 commentaires sur “52 minutes sur Google et un peu plus …

  1. D’après Patrice elle n’a pas d’enfant, donc je modifie mon commentaire :

    3:30am : Connect on meetic.fr (oui oui elle parle super bien francais il parait) and try to find someone willing to share my life .. (most probably part-time)
    4:00am : Put a post-it on the fridge not to forget to buy new batteries for dildo

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