The power of Facebook

Two days ago, I updated my Facebook relationship profile by adding Sarah. In the meantime, as we have three children but are not married, I switched the status from « In a relationship » to « Engaged ».

One hour later or less, first « Congratulations » from a friend who took the « Engaged » status litteraly.

Now, two days later, Sarah got a call from her best friend which went a little like this.

– Sarah: « Hi it’s Sarah »

-Magali: « Hi, Can I get back to you later? «  (kind of weird to imagine Magali talking in English but for the sake of this post …)

-Sarah: « Sure, didn’t have anything special to talk about anyway »

-Magali: « Except that you’re getting married. Congratulations ! « 

-Sarah: « Doh ! »

So, we are not getting married (for the moment) … but next time you see my Facebook relationship change, it might for good.


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