Webapps VS. Desktop Apps, an example with JayCut

I’ve just tried out Jaycut beta, an online editing tool.

By definition, Jaycut has a lot of nice features:

  1. upload on the web, means some kind of backup for your local data
  2. easy export to YouTube and other platforms
  3. eays share with others
  4. Edit from anywhere in the worl, you just need a browser

Those are the ones that comes with web 2.0 by defintion, aren’t they?

Here are some of the things I didn’t like with Jaycut

  1. I didn’t find how to upload from an existing Youtube account, or your Flickr account.
  2. If it was really web 2.0, you should be able to get music from other web2.0 apps?
  3. I didn’t find how to easily play-rewind-forward the final movie. You can play, but not stop at a certain time, rewind some frames back, add something, etc…

So, Jaycut is a nice tools for really simple video editing or photo montage. That is true, but … here comes the pain.

The main problem is that you want your editing tool to be super-reactive. And Jaycut is not. It has this kind of slowness that you find on most Webapps, even Google ones. And don’t tell me about the bandwith, I know bandwidth, I live in France, the country where you have 5 providers giving your ADSL2+ with free phone and free for 30 EUR per month.

Another big problem is the upload. If it has to be really usable, you need to be able to upload real-life video. Which means HD-video, which means a huge amount of data, which means a huge amount of time for upload, which means pain. I know, bandwidth again … you know my answer.

Jaycut is another webapps that gives Desktop Apps a nice space and future.


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