Don McMillan, Powerpoint comedian

Connaissez-vous Don McMillan?

C’est un ancien ingénieur qui sort de Stanford, qui a travaillé chez IBM et AT&T. Mais, il fait du stand-up, et doit être le seul « Comedian » comme dit Seinfeld, à faire du stand-up avec des Powerpoint. Quand j’écris ca, je me dis que ca doit faire complètement geek, mais regardez les vidéos, surtout la deuxième …

Un commentaire sur “Don McMillan, Powerpoint comedian

  1. Bonjour!

    My name is Lidia Rojas and I do digital marketing for comedian Don McMillan.

    Don, an engineer that helped design world’s first 32-bit Microprocessor, is well known for his PowerPoint skit and has appeared on shows like “The Tonight Show” and “Larry King Live.”

    I think your blog is a great place to promote Don and reach new fans and I would love if you would post a video / banner on your blog to help promote Don’s shows to your Southern California audience. He will be performing at the Ice House on June 20th and one at the Brea Improv on the 21th and 22st .Don is a hilarious comedian, father, and guy in general and I know he would really appreciate your support.

    I can send you videos / banners to see first, if you would like! Meanwhile these are the ticket links to see his shows:

    • Brea Improv:
    • Ice House:

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Lidia Rojas
    e-Comic Branding

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